Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Being one of the most complete and inclusive video converter
available today, Wondershare Video
Converter Ultimate
has received a lot of attention lately, but is it really
as good a video toolbox as it claims to be? We tried it out and found that it
is one of those rare instances where everything they said about the video
converter was actually true.

Video Format Conversion

The most basic functions expected of a video converter is of
course, changing the format and Wondershare Video Converter delivers on that.
Have you ever wondered how
to convert MP4 to MP3
? Well, Wondershare can do that for you in
minutes or even seconds. The same applies for MP4 to WAV conversion, MXF to MP4
conversion, MOV to MP4 conversion and just about every other video format
conversion you can think of because the Wondershare video toolbox supports more than 1,000 conversion formats. This includes all
the 4K video formats, as well as some of the VR video formats as well.

Support for All

After the conversion to the required format, the videos ran
flawlessly run on all Apple devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV), Android
devices, Xbox One, Sony PSP and even some of the VR headsets. There’s support
for a much wider range of devices as well, but you will have to visit
their official site
for the detailed info on that.


What was most impressive about the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the speed it offers because
it’s blazing fast, especially when compared to other converters in the market.
True to their promise of providing a 30x faster conversion rate, the speed
really is impressive with huge videos being converted in a matter of minutes. Wondershare achieves this by combining
its propriety APEXTRANS technology with the computer’s own GPU and CPU prowess.
It would help if you have a powerful PC with a decent graphics card and
processor, but the conversion rate will be a lot faster than others on any
computer. To top it all off, Wondershare allows the conversion of multiple videos at once and in different format. Batch
conversions in different formats, coupled with the speed we just discussed,
puts Wondershare miles ahead of the

Burn to DVD and

Aside from the conversion, the video converter can also burn
your videos directly onto a DVD or a Blu-ray disc in any format of your choice.
Of course, you can also do the same from a traditional ISO image as well if you
need to and the process is surprisingly faster than on any other DVD burner software
we have used so far.

Video Editing

Wondershare Video
Converter Ultimate
allows the user to download any video from over 10,000
video-hosting websites, which include the obvious names of YouTube and Dailymotion.
But irrespective of whether the video was downloaded from a website, shot from
your camera or sent to you by someone, the video converter lets you edit it as
much as you need to with its inbuilt video editor.

There’s just so much more included in this video
toolbox like a screen recorder, a GIF maker, a metadata editor for the videos
and even TV casting options. It’s hard not to recommend this product to anyone
looking for a comprehensive, one-stop solution to all his/her video
conversion/making/editing needs, especially since it’s possible to Try
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for free

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