Video Capabilities for Modern Apps

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What do Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Vine
(now 2.0, of
pretzel fame
all have in common? They are all social apps with video capabilities. With each
of these platforms allowing different lengths, looks, and layouts, businesses
that wish to use these apps to maximize their social media footprint have a lot
of options. Video has helped these apps succeed, so businesses need to consider
whether they want to add cutting-edge video tech to their own sites and apps.

Video and Voice Capabilities: More Than Just Conference

When it became obvious a few years ago that video was going
to be a major fixture of the social media landscape, the big social media
companies jumped on it, and now it’s virtually impossible for users to scroll
through their feeds without their eyes
being drawn
to videos. If your business wants to make an impression and
compete for eyeballs, you will also likely need voice and video capabilities in
some form. Robust video and voice functionality has become crucial for so much
more than just conference calls.

Advantages of Video Capabilities

If a company adds video to its app or site, it can reap a
number of benefits. Here are just a few examples of the kinds of communication
tasks where cutting-edge video can help:

  • One-on-one video
    Rather than having to transition to Skype or Facebook
    Messenger, customer service representatives can chat directly with clients
    about the issues they face.
  • Multi-party calls that
    can accommodate thousands of participants: 
    If, say, a company has
    a lot of employees, managers can hold large-scale meetings that include
    the possibility of two-way communication.
  • Live broadcasting for
    any type of demonstration: 
    Companies can show off their products
    to thousands of potential buyers in real time.

A company that takes advantage of these capabilities can
become more streamlined on all fronts and even apply video to new situations.

What Provider Should You Choose?

If you’re a software developer looking to add more
communicative functionality to your apps, is a good option. It uses WebRTC functionalities to add video, sound, and chat communication to sites and apps. A disruptive
technology, WebRTC can add not only video chat but also screen sharing,
real-time chat, and document sharing to your app. If you’re considering whether
to add video functionality to your app, check out the quick start guide. provides Software Development Kits (SDKs) for
developers to add video and voice conferencing, interactive broadcast, and
gaming communication functionalities to their apps. Over 50,000 developers are
using to give their businesses the ability to communicate on a large
scale. Its audio group calling is capable of hosting 10,000+ participants. Its
multi-video party chat can include up to seven participants. And its
interactive broadcasting can give a platform to up to seven active speakers and
over 10,000 participants.

These are just a few of the benefits of video capabilities
for modern apps. By using video in your app, you can give your company an
essential boost.


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