iOS 5 has More Bugs than Features, Users Reporting Issues related to Cover flow, Wifi sync and System Apps

Only couple of days ago Apple iOS 5 had been released and many users have already found out various bugs in the newly released the iOS 5.

iOS 5 Users Bugs list:

  • The photo quality is worse then iOS 4 and are less defined.
  • Some problems relating to reminders.
  • Problems with the rotation of the photos.
  • Problems relating to the alarm selection as when selecting for 12 hours timing it displays in 24 hours.
  • Some applications crash like pictures, iMessage, etc.
  • Setting the date in some situations and applications doesn’t seem to be correct.Some times displaying the wrong date.
  • Problems with the activation of iMessage by FaceTime and phone number.
  • When you search for an app, the search is not as immediate but first you must click the “Search” button.
  • The images are viewed in a bad way, a video is displayed as a picture.
  • When you click “Install” from the App Store, you do not have the correct view of the green button on the installation.
  • Problems with the buttons on the Camera, not aligned correctly.
  • Problems with syncing with iTunes via WiFi (always inactive button).
  • Problems with Spotlight on the iPhone (do not display all items).
  • Problems with Spotlight on iPad (gray screen).
  • When searching for Wi-Fi it shows some are available when they are not.
  • There are no background in Native IOS 5.
  • Problems with backups through icloud.
  • Music Coverflow very slow and Crashed a lot on iPod touch and iPhone
  • Music Album Arts on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are missed up and duplicated
  • iTunes sync does not Transfer all the Apps which results some Missing Apps on the iPhone

We found a Video Posted about the “CoverFlow” Bug on Youtube too, Users also reporting that their songs got wrong album arts from other songs and some of them are duplicated.

Video Below!



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