How to Update Your Android Device!


Well, today we are going to talk about one of the most
important topics in the tech world so far! If you are tired of playing poker, then you must start reading the
article so that you can update your android device and start playing poker
online too with your own android device. We were receiving a lot of queries
about android updates, so we thought of giving it a go today!

So now if you have an android device these days, especially
Samsung then you will normally find no problems in an android update if it
isn’t for your country’s location and whether the software has hit the ground
over there yet. Other devices have a different interface, and it can sometimes
be difficult to find the method to update these devices so let us begin with
the details of the article!

Updating The Device Automatically!


This is the first way of updating your android device and is
frankly the most used way of getting your device up to date. Now when you get a
new phone and sign with your Google account in it, you must know that the
device is automatically connected to the Google updates that include android
updates as well.

In some cases, people accidentally stop the phone from
updating automatically, and some do it intentionally thinking that it wastes
the battery of the smartphone. So, first of all, let us clear this
misconception that no battery is affected with this feature being on. So if you
have turned it off you can simply turn it on from the settings app on your
phone, you just have to find that option of a software update in the about
phone tab!

Updating The Device Manually!


The second and the most common way is to update your device
manually by checking for updates manually on your phone. You can easily do so
by navigating to the software update tab in the settings of your phone. When
you navigate that you will see that it has an option for checking updates
manually if you press that button the phone will automatically search for
updates available from the web and then will ask your permission about the

You can set the update to be done there and then, and you
can also plan to do so overnight by setting the time of the update. Now in some
cases, you can still not find the update on your phone even though you know it
is available on the web.

Forcefully Updating Your Device!


The third way is to update your device forcefully is by just
downloading the android version on your laptop or desktop and connect your
phone with the USB port and install it manually. You can easily do so by just
downloading the best version available online and after checking the
compatibility with your device, you can go for the installation! This is one of
the least methods used as it can damage the phone memory!


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