Google Nexus 5 Snap Cases is Now Available on the Play Store

Nexus 5 case

Google has just added some new cases for its Nexus 5 on the Play Store. It’s called the “Snap Case”, its snappy-made from a harder material and unlike the previous Bumper Case or the QuickCover does not wrap completely around the device.

The new Snap Case is lighter and thinner than the other two cases and is designed to offer protection without adding too much to the size and weight of the phone. There are already several variations of this design available for the Nexus 5 from third party manufacturers.


As for the colors, the Snap Case is Available in black, white, grey, aqua and clear for $29.99 only, which is a bit steep as you can get a similar case from other manufacturers for half the price.



Buy Nexus 5 Snap Case [Play]

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