Best Parallax-3D wallpapers for Android [Download]


Parallax-3D wallpapers makes everything on your screen appear more lively and dynamic, and it’s plain old fun twisting the perspective via your device’s in-built gyroscope. The idea is simple but cool, it’s basically one wallpaper with multiple layers that gives you a 3D-depth effect while swiping left and right.


Here’s TWO of the best Most Beautiful parallax wallpapers for Android that are also FREE and and ads-free in the Google Play Store.


1. Mountains Now Free Wallpaper


Parallax 1


A Live Wallpaper inspired by the Google Now Mountains theme! It features an upriver journey with boats travelling along the rocky mountains. The wallpaper makes use of the 3D Parallax effect using the gyroscope. It’s beautiful and very Googley!


2. Night Sky Live Wallpaper


parallax 2


Night Sky Live Wallpaper, inspired by new LG G2 sky background with 3D parallax effect and stars. This sure makes it more interesting than that thing on everyone’s MacBooks.


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