Apple announces iOS 5: Brings new notifications, Twitter integration, iMessage



Apple today finally unveiled the details of the next version of its mobile operating system, iOS 5, atits Worldwide Developers Conference keynote this morning. Confirming many previously rumored features, Apple showed off a revamped notification interface, Twitter integration, an improved messaging app, as well as a slew of other features. 


First up, Apple announced Notification Center, a complete overhaul of the beleaguered iOS notification system. The new feature will allow you to swipe down from the iOS status bar to see a compilation of notifications. Notifications will also be available on the iOS lock screen which marks this as the first time Apple has offered anything beyond wallpapers for the lock screen. Thankfully, Apple has also made notifications less intrusive by having them appear at the top of the screen.


A new iOS notification interface has been predicted for some time, but its still surprising that Apple has implemented one so similar to Android, not to mention its similarity to jailbreak apps like MobileNotifier. The new OS will also include Newsstand, a new feature in the App Store that will serve as a one-stop-shop for newspaper and magazine subscriptions. Publications will be displayed in an interface resembling the iBooks bookshelf, and they will also support background downloads. The latter feature is particularly useful since it means that you will have fresh content waiting for you on your iPhone or iPad without any work on your part.

Apple said that iOS 5 will include over 200 new features for consumers and it will add over 1,500 APIs for developers, which will ultimately allow them to create more feature-rich and powerful apps.


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