3 Things To Look Out For On A Mobile Casino


Mobile casinos have been growing popularity in recent years and largely due to the spread of the coronavirus and lockdown measures have recently found a huge surge in new users – but if you’re inexperienced it may be difficult to know what to look for – not only to ensure that you’re playing safely, but also to make the experience very simple to approach and to play.


Sign-up methods – Depending on where you may be playing from, there’s the likelihood that there are different regulations around what you need to provide in order to register with an online casino, additional depending on where the operator has registered the casino there may also be different requirements. Luckily many now offer ways to register using social media integration, as such no new account is needed to be created with a new username and password to add to the list – simply sign in through your Twitter or Facebook account and you’re granted instant access. Many may also offer bonuses for registering this way and sharing the game with your friends.


Deposit values and sign up bonuses – You may see some advertise huge sign up bonuses but hide that the deposit value must also be high, or offering a bonus that may seem too good to be true – there are services that offer lower deposit values and good bonuses that are great for new and old players alike, Triumph Casino gets a great review in this regard as the game doesn’t require you to drop a huge amount of money to get playing like other services may – this also goes for deposit bonuses, whilst it may be enticing to look for the site with the biggest sign up bonus, this may be a sign that the site isn’t entirely trustworthy – be measured in how you approach these bonus with expectations on how much you can get realistically.


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A wide range of games – It’s also important not to limit yourself – whilst some online casinos may only offer slots or card games, getting a bit of everything so you’re able to either increase your chances of winning or just finding a different game that you enjoy most is important – look for services that offer a wide range of games available to play so things don’t get stale, but also so you can try new types of games you may not have approached before.

Make sure the site is licensed – And of course the most important point – make sure the casino you’re using is licensed. You’re able to find this out by looking in the footer of most pages or heading to their about us page where it will be prominently displayed – there are a number of different regulation bodies such as MGA, eCOGRA, GLI,  DMCA amongst others – make sure you check the site before you deposit to ensure that it is registered with one of these to ensure you’re playing safely, if any red flags pop up, leave the site and add it to a blacklist.


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