Top Sport Gadgets to Enter the New Year

Every year the
most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and get fit. If you are
like 75% of Americans who have this resolution on their list for 2018, you will
need the right gadgets that will support your fitness endeavours. With so many
different sport gadgets available on the market, it can be hard navigating
through them to decide which is worth the money and which is right for you.
Continue reading to learn more about our list of must-have gadgets to enter the
New Year with. To learn more about how to sift through other weight loss
products on the market to learn which are farcical and which will offer real
results click here.

Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit Surge
is one of the newest Fitbit models. Aside for the usual fitness tracking, the
Fitbit Surge has caller ID, continuous heart monitoring, music control, GPS
tracking, wireless syncing and text notifications. The battery life is expected
to last up to seven days. It has a sleek design that is slightly less geeky
than other smartwatch designs we have seen. A few downsides are that the
manufacturer does not recommend wearing the watch under water or while
swimming. So for avid swimmers, this is not the right option for you if you are
looking to track your fitness. Another common complaint we saw is that the
watch is slightly bulky and can feel awkward on your wrist. The Fitbit Surge is
available to purchase for $158 online.

Jaybird X3

Could you ever
imagine lasting through a workout only hearing the sound of heavy breathing and the sweat dripping down your
face? If you take working out seriously, you should also take your headphones
seriously. The Jaybird X3  are in-ear,
wireless, bluetooth headphones that are designed to be worn behind your head.
The cord has a clip that can be clipped on to the back of your shirt to ensure
that the headphones do not snap
of your ears during a workout. These headphones are at the top of the
line when in comes to work out gear.  You
can purchase a pair online for $79.89.


Eating well goes
hand in hand with staying fit. HAPIfork is an electronic fork that will help
monitor and track your eating habits. It is designed to alert you when you
should slow down or stop eating through indicator lights and gentle vibrations.
It looks light a regular fork, only slightly larger. The initial set up will
require setting up the fork on your computer and it will then begin syncing all
of your data. HAPIfork will measure how much time it takes you to eat between
bites and you can customize how much time you want it to give you between
bites. All of your data can be synced onto your smartphone to help you track
your eating habits. It is available for $99.

It takes a lot to
stick to a New Year’s resolution. Make your fitness resolution a bit easier
this year by starting off the year with the right fitness equipment that will
make staying fit easier.

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