Top Android Phones To Buy Now

smartphones continue to get better each year with better cameras, faster
processors and new apps.  Many of these
phones are also much cheaper.  This does
it make it difficult when choosing an Android smartphone.  This article will look at some of the top
Android phones to buy.


Samsung Galaxy S8


The Samsung
Galaxy S8
is considered the best Android smartphone and comes with a 5.8
inch screen.  The display is large and
fills almost the entire face of the phone. 
It has a great processor, loads of storage space, a slot for an SD card
and it is fully waterproof.  The camera
takes high quality photos and videos. 
Some reviews have said the phone may be a bit overwhelming, but Samsung
has added many features into this phone which means there is a feature for
everyone.  The phone is aesthetically
appealing filled with great features and is a great choice for a wide range of
users.  It may be advisable to spend a
bit more to get the Galaxy S8+, which is a bit bigger and has more battery
life.  A drawback of this phone is that
the fingerprint scanner is located on the back of the phone and the facial
recognition does not work as well as expected. 


LG V30


The LG V30
is a great phone and takes over from the G6. 
The V30 is designed using metal and glass, but is slimmer and has subtle
curves.  The phone is easy to hold even
though it has a 6 inch display. 
Internally the phone is well made, comes with a great camera and is
ideal for playing the online
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has to offer.  Even
though the pixels are small the standard shooter takes exceptional photos and
the secondary shooter comes with a wide angle camera.  The LG software is easy to use and this phone
does all the necessary basics really well and looks good.  There is also a V30+ available which has more
storage space which makes it more value for money.  The built-in quad DAC makes great sound,
better than most phones.  It’s a pricey
phone, but offers good value for money.


OnePlus 5


The OnePlus
5 comes with the latest Android OS, 7.1 Nougat and Snapdragon 835 CPU and has
been compared to the iPhone X.  It has a rear and front camera.  It has received rave reviews for being the
best Android phone and the Chinese manufacturer of this phone has made
improvements from the OnePlus 3 and 3T. 
The OnePlus 5 comes with a slick design and loads of power.  The display, AMOLED, is vibrant and bright
and has a fast fingerprint scanner.  It
does not have a micro SD card and the battery life is not great, generally
lasts for about a day, but the price is worth it considering the features. 




The HTC U11
comes with a 5.5 inch 2 K display which allows for great quality videos and has
4GB RAM and a Snapdragon 835 CPU.  It has
squeezable sides that allows for quick launching of apps.  The camera, although only a 12MP takes good
quality photos from the back and the front camera has a 16MP camera. The HTS
U11 has Liquid Surface design and offers two colours at the same time, a unique
and fun feature of this phone.


Blackberry KEYone


BlackBerry KEYone may be a strange inclusion on this list, but this phone is
efficient and has great battery life.  It
has a 635 Snapdragon chip and it has a keyboard which will appeal to some
users.  It is a great phone and also
comes with a good camera.

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