The Must Download Apps To Make The Most Of This Summer

Summer is fast
approaching and the long days of sitting by a pool or in the garden are just
around the corner.

For many it’s a chance
to kick back and relax, take some time away from their smartphones. For others,
including us, we’re continually checking our devices, not least because the
boredom of sitting in the same spot for hours has kicked in.

Never fear though,
there are dozens of great apps out there to keep you occupied this summer, in
fact, they could even enhance it…

FIFA World Cup App

2018 really is a
summer of sport so if you’re missing out on the action for the likes of summer
strolls or DIY, the official World Cup app will keep you up to date with all
the football.

The months of June and
July are going to be packed with football, and with this FIFA app you won’t
miss a thing.

Beach Finder

It’s amazing what apps
are available these days. If you’re fancying a day by the beach, the sand
nestling between your toes, then Beach
is here to help.

A fairly self
explanatory app, Beach Finder will be able to find your closest beach as well
as highlight it’s facilities and amenities. It’s perfect, especially for on
holiday when you might not necessarily know where the local beaches are.

Mobile Casino app

The great thing about
mobile gaming are the games where they’re quick and easy and can be comfortably
played on the go.

When the sun is
shining and you’re lounging around a pool, there’s no better app to download
for a game than a mobile casino.

You’ll be able to play
a range of games from slots to blackjack, roulette and more, while you’ll also
be able to get mobile
casino no deposit bonuses
, so you won’t even have to spent a penny.

Grill Time

Think you’re a
barbecue expert but get proven wrong time and time again? Grill Time is a great
app for you to perfect that meat and become a real hero during family parties
and BBQs.

The app will keep
track of what’s on the grill and send you notifications for when it’s time to
flip or serve. You’ll be a burger expert in no time!



An app we hugely
recommend, Wolfram measures sun exposure and calculates when it’s time to call
it a day from under the sun.

The app will use your
complexion to calculate how long you can be out without feeling the burn. It
takes into account time of day, location and the suntan lotion factor you’re
using to give you a solid estimate on when you should be thinking about taking
a break from the rays. 


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