Keeping it on the Level

There is no doubt that we are living in a
mobile era, with most of us owning at least one mobile device, the most popular
of these being the smartphone. In fact, the smartphone is so important to us
that to lose it or have it stolen adds up to a minor disaster for many people.

We use our smartphones for so many daily
tasks that, at one time, would have eaten into our busy days. Browsing and
buying goods and services as well as other tasks like banking and keeping a
check on our health are all carried out using the mini computers, and it is
estimated that, on average, we check our screens at least 150 times each day.

Not only are we using our devices to carry
out daily tasks, but we are also using them to source entertainment. Once, it
used to be fashionable to have a mobile phone that sported a small screen but
as that has been completely turned on its head the screens of today’s
smartphones work perfectly well with many games with sites like Conquer Casino  optimising games for the smaller screen which
means that you can even enjoy live dealer games whilst on the go.

We love the convenience of being able to
pick up a game whenever and wherever we choose and sites like Conquer Casino
also offer a wide selection of popular slots and other classic casino games that
can be enjoyed for a few minutes or longer if the opportunity arises.

Even though we have come to take our
smartphones for granted they have led to significant shirts in how we interact
with each other and the world, so much so that now the smartphone (or its usage
is gaining significant bad publicity.

In some studies, smartphone and tablet use
has been stated as the main reason for radically changing every single aspect
of teenagers lives and this includes the way that they interact to the state of
their mental health.

This trend appears over all of the world,
in every household whether poor or rich, and in every ethnic background. It
seems that where there is a cell tower there will be teenagers living their
lives through their smartphones.

Negative information, however, is not going
to see hundreds of thousands of people suddenly power off and hide their
devices in a drawer, but there are a few things that you can do if you think
you might be one of those users that is relying on their mobile devices to a
silly degree.

Remember, don’t replace fact to face
interaction with those electronic ones as building strong social relationships
is good for us. Sure, using our smartphone to avoid face to face contact can be
handy at times, but remember not to make it the norm.

Be mindful of who is about you and try not
to use your smartphone when you are in a group of friends. Being accused of
phubbing (phone snubbing) in favour of actually talking to the person in front
of you now ranks as one of the major reasons for relationship breakdowns, and
no wonder as no one likes to come second to a bright little screen.

Trying to keep your phone out of sight can
be difficult for some people, especially if they are used to checking it every
so often to see what has been added
to Facebook
or other social media sites, remember checking your phone is no
reason to stop socialising with real, live people.

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