iMobie 2018 New Year Giveaway


iMobie Inc. is a
renowned developer for Android and iOS, who are best known for creating and
launching the popular AnyTrans Manager. AnyTrans is capable of managing and transferring data from any
Android or iOS device to Windows PCs and other iOS and Android devices as well.
Data that a user can transfer with the help of the software include messages,
photos, contacts, videos and even applications.

The iMobie 2018 New
Year Giveaway Offer

If you thought that the ease of transferring data across
different platforms from any source device was impressive, you are about to be
very pleasantly surprised because iMobie is giving away copies of AnyTrans Android
worth $39.99 for
free to all users around the world in-between Jan 3, 2018 to Jan 17, 2018.

As if giving out a premium software for free wasn’t enough, iMobie has also announced that everyone will 100% get AnyTrans for Android for
FREE and have a chance of winning either a Galaxy S8 or a Huawei Mate 10
or any of the 5 Amazon Gift Cards. To download and start using it for free, as
well as the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S8/ HUAWEI Mate 10 / 5 Amazon Gift
Cards, click
right now.

What Makes it Such an
Unbelievable Deal

The introduction should already give you a rough idea of
what to expect but in order to understand why getting AnyTrans Android & iOS Manager for free is such an unbelievable
deal, you will need to consider all its features as mentioned below.

Cross-Platform Data

Not only can you use AnyTrans to send contacts, photos, videos, messages and apps from iOS to iOS and Android
to Android but also from iOS to Android or Android to iOS. Add this to the fact
that exchanging data in-between Windows powered PCs and iDevices or Android
devices is just as easy and the software will become your single, all-purpose
transfer agent for just about everything.

Download Music and

One would not really expect this feature to be part of a
transfer app, but iMobie has decided to endow their flagship software with
everything. With the help of AnyTrans,
the user can download videos and music directly from nearly 1,000 websites!
Best of all, you can do so from your computer, Android tablet, iPad, iPhone or
Android phone. This includes, TV shows, uploaded videos, movies and lossless

Easy Interface

A simple drag and drop interface makes the transfer process easy,
fast and seamless, while allowing you to do more. For example, you can edit
contacts from your phone before transferring them or add albums for separating
your photo sets.

If the chance to win a brand new Galaxy S8 or Huawei Mate 10
got you excited, then know that you are not the only one! Our advice would be
to hurry up before the last date on January 17, 2018 is over!

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