Enhance Your Smart Phone With These Essential Accessories

New age technology has taken us on a ride that we will never
forget. From the world of Virtual Reality to nifty clip on lenses, your
smartphone is a portable supercomputer, just waiting to charge your world with
unique user experiences. 

It’s not just the available smart phone accessories that can
turn your mobile device into a hybrid type of device, ready to tackle the
world. All smart phones have the ability to download and install various apps
that can transform your phone into a multi-tool, ready to help you along your

The following smart phone accessories 2017 are the best
mobile accessories that will enhance your handset, and turn it into a dynamic
smart device to equip you with the perfectly optimized phone, for just about
any situation. You don’t need to buy the iPhone X to
get in on the action either!

Get Going With A Car

Car mounts are by far one of the best smartphone accessories
available. If you’ve ever needed your GPS, which is all too often these days as
cities keep expanding and the beaten track develops more and more. 

Mobile phone car mounts can attach to your windshield or air
vent for convenient on the go navigation and hands free calling. If you’re
looking for an affordable car mount holder then try the WizGear Magnetic Car
Mount Holder, which easily attaches to your car’s air vent. 

Crank Up The Volume
On The Track With An Arm Band 

Our smart phones have become extensions of ourselves, it’s
difficult to let go of your phone when running around during errands,
especially if you want to play at a CAD casino. It’s becoming
increasingly difficult to find the time in a day to keep active; if you simply
can’t live without your phone for a couple of hours while you work out, then an
arm band is the perfect fitness companion. 

These nifty ouch like arm wraps will keep your phone safe
and secure while you get your heart rate up. Most armbands support a jack
outlet, which means you can take your music on the go with you while you

If you’re looking for an all round arm band for your smart
phone then try the Tribe AB37 Sports Armband. Offering users water resistant
protection for their device, a nifty key holder, full touch screen coverage and
3.5 mm jack support it’s the perfect companion for the outdoor

It’s All About The
Perfect Selfie 

Selfie sticks are old news, but let’s face it these sticks
have captivated a generation with their unique angles and gimmicky fun
attitude. Now you can get in on the perfect selfie without the fuss of

Anker Selfie Stick
is a Bluetooth selfie stick offering users twenty hours
of battery life and extreme depth of field, stretching out to a whopping 29

Beef Up Your Mobile

If you have an Android smartphone and you find your internal
storage a little bit on the light side then you must consider a USB OTG Flash
Drive. These little devices act like normal flash drives and simply plug into
your phone and open up a world of storage potential on your mobile smart

There’s a microUSB OTG option available too and it’s called
the SanDisk Ultra USB Type-C version. There are numerous OTG Flash Drives
available for Android devices that support both USB Type-C and microUSB. These
flash drives are perfect for on the go storage and data upload/downloads. 

Embrace The World
With Virtual Reality 

The world of Virtual Reality technology has opened up our
world to infinite possibilities in various disciplines. There aren’t too many
mobile VR headsets available as of yet, and the compatible devices are somewhat

If you have a compatible smartphone then it’s best to get
started in mobile Virtual Reality with something like Google Cardboard. Once
the technology improves and becomes more mainstream then it might be worth upgrading
to a mobile VR headset to truly engage with your smart phones VR

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