Build your perfect smartphone with modular technology

An Overview of Modular

Mobile devices have given us a world of portability and
dynamic communication. It’s like being flung into a new era; modern
communication has dramatically changed. 

We engage in social media platforms and turn to the likes of
Twitter and Facebook to stay updated on the events in our world. The modern smartphone
has made it easier than ever before to catch up with just about anyone around
the world, anywhere and at any given time. 

Technology has not only inspired a new age of communication
but also a
new era of hand-held mobile devices
that are smart and versatile. Nothing
echoes this concept more than the modular phone. 

Modular phones at their very core are interchangeable smartphones
that gives the user the power to build and recreate a device moulded around
your needs for the day or a specific period. Obviously the modular phone is still
a concept at this moment in time but projects like Ara from Google could see
the modular phone put into production very soon. 

The Building Blocks Of Modular Phones 

So, what are modular phones? At its core, a modular phone is
a smart phone that makes use of modules or building blocks, much like LEGO to
build and customize a device tailor made to the users direct needs. 

What this means is that you would literally be able to build
your own smartphone with the core components you want in a phone, and this
could make playing the online slots Canada has to offer even better than ever if you tailor make your custom device.
Attach a camera and a speaker, or remove the camera and beef up your phones
sound with a bigger speaker. The end result is entirely up to you. 

The Tech Advantage Of Modular Phones

As technology improves and advances, so do smart phones.
There’s a constant need to upgrade your device to enjoy the full benefits on

Much like updating your mobile operating software, you need
to upgrade your device every few years as old technology gets left behind

Modular phones would bridge this gap for users, allowing you
to upgrade the components on your smart phone; rather than upgrading the entire
device, which can prove costly. 

Versatility And Diversity 

Modular phones could offer users an exciting mobile
experience because of their versatility and diversity. Even though at their
core structure all modular phones are the same, the way you can customize the
device is entirely up to the user. 

It’s an expression of your personal style and needs. This in
itself already leaves the mobile market on its head because at this stage all
smart phones are basically doing the exact same thing. The core functions are
the same, the only things that really differ are the phones specs and operating

Modular phones would create a base and it would be entirely
up to the user to build up a phone suited to personal needs, much like building
your own desktop computer; only this one fits in the palm of your hand for on
the go computing and communication. 

The Truth Behind Project Ara 

Originally Project Ara was supposed
to have given users a future proof phone that could be built and interchanged.
Project Ara’s smart modular phone looks like it’s going to disappoint a lot of
people because the device will already have all the components built in and
offer users a handful of add on components that can only be bought from the
develop, which is Google.

What Project Ara does promise though is better versatility
with add on modules including a camera, a speaker, an E-Ink display, which is
like a kindle screen and an expanded memory module. 

Even though these don’t seem all to exhilarating; it’s a
start and more components could be hitting the market in the very near future.
It also makes your smartphone more versatile than standard iPhones and Samsung

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