7 Million Sony PlayStation 4 units sold Globally, Outsells Xbox

PlayStation 4


Sony’s latest PlayStation 4 console sales has reached more than 7 Million units Globally. It was 6 Million early this month (March, 2014), which means Sony sold 1 Million PlayStation 4 console this month alone. Last yea at the launch of the console, Sony sold 1 Million in the first 24 Hours after its official announcement.


In comparison, the PS4 arch rival, the Xbox One from Microsoft, is believed to have sold just 3 million units since its launch though that’s unconfirmed data at the moment. In PAL markets, Europe especially, the PS4 outsold the One at a ratio of 7:1 last week. By analytics’ estimations PS4 sales in PAL regions for the week were around 180,000 units, while the Xbox One managed to sell just 25,000 units in the same markets.



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