5 Cell Phone Tricks You Should Know

Knowing some smartphone tricks will allow you to do cool
things with your phone. Most people only know basic phone functions. There are
so many things that you probably do not know your phone can do beyond making
calls and receiving texts. Many phones now have the he capacity to support
glitch-free online casino gaming. Visit https://www.cdncasinos.ca for more information about technology and casinos. Some of the smartphone
functions can be performed quickly through shortcuts. Here are few cool tricks
to get the best out of your smartphone.

1.       Shortcut of putting smartphone on silence

Receiving a phone in church, meeting, theater or in the
middle of something important can be embarrassing, especially when your phone
is not on silence. You can put your smartphone on silence quickly than browsing
your settings by pressing any side key (volume key or power button). It will be
on silent instantly and you choose to answer it or not.

2.       Turn Wi-Fi Off using voice command

Voice command is the hot thing at the moment. You can use
your Google Now, Cortana or Siri to turn off your Wi-Fi with your voice. Go to
your voice app and command it to turn off Wi-Fi.

3.       Use flight mode to reduce smartphone
charging time

A phone that takes a lot of time on charger sucks. You can
speed up charging by activating flight mode. Also, even if you love online casinos, they will have to wait
until your phone is fully charged. Flight mode turns off all background
activities and uses less battery power, therefore, increases the rate at which
your battery gets charged.

4.       Use the volume button to take picture

Taking selfies without a selfie stick can be a hassle when
you can’t tap your screen digital button to capture. However, you can snap
pictures by long-pressing the volume button. This function is on many Android
phones and iPhones.

5.       Improve picture quality using gridlines

You can enhance the quality of the pictures your smartphones
capture by activating camera gridlines. The camera will take a perfect shot on
things within the gridlines.

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