Episode 20 The fat lady is singing

Today is the last episode of Droid today. It’s been a fun adventure which I’ve really enjoyed but this was always a month challenge which would only continue if certain goals were met. Unfortunately they weren’t but I don’t mind. I really enjoyed the experience and I hope you enjoyed listening too.

But to finish we have one more episode. Check out the links!


New Niantic Labs project coming

Microsoft reportedly bringing Cortana to Android (and iOS)

Neptune suite

Google bringing open API to Google now



Episode 19 What a Wunderful update

On today’s episode we have NO smartwatch news! Hurrah! Instead we’re looking at a brand new material design and feature update to Wunderlist as well as the NCAA March Madness app [Chris also tries to explain MarchMadness]. Then we move on to a couple of new devices including the Vaio phone (not connected with Sony in anyway) and the launch of the Nexus 6 on Verizon. Finally we take a look at an App that you may want to recommend.


Wunderlist update

NCAA March Madness

Vaio phone

The nexus 6 on verizon

What’s Up?


Episode 17: Android 5.1 Cometh

In today’s episode we welcome the official release of Android 5.1 (more than a week after it’s landed on Android One) with checking out some of the new features it introduces. We also talk about the release of HTC blinkfeed for other android devices and a couple of Android wear stories.


Android 5.1 features

HTC Blinkfeed for all! (with Android 4.4+)

Moto 360 joins Moto Maker

New features coming soon to android wear. 


Episode 16 Android wear vs the Apple watch

Today it’s a battle royal, to the death! Android wear vs the Apple watch! Which side will you choose? Oh but before all that we have some news including an Update to the amazing VSCO cam app, An Android wear add and an interesting new RSS reader for your lock screen.

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Android wear ad

VSCO cam update

Corgi for feedly

The Apple watch

Which do you think is better? The Apple watch or Android wear?

Episode 15: Is Android too complicated?

Wow what a week hey! Today we take a moment to look back on Mobile World Congress and the news that hit the shelves this week. On top[ of that we also look at a few stories from today before ending with a debate on whether Android is too complicated or not.

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Google’s wireless plan may just be for the Nexus 6

Acer launches a high powered Chromebox

Episode 14 of Droid today where we look at the Nvidia Shield

Navi, the watch face from Tha PHLASH

Samsung puts it’s smartwatches on hold


Do you think Android is complicated?

Episode 13: Recovering from cancer with a the help of a smartphone

Today we have more laid back episode than the past couple of days with a few new news stories plus a story to lift your spirits about how a tech blogger used their mobile phone to recover from cancer…it was an iPhone but many of the same lessons apply.


OnePlus One on sale in more countries [all of the EU]

Google Contacts is getting an updated look

LG to add a new flagship line above the G series

Life after cancer: How the iPhone helped me recover from cancer



Episode 12: Sundar Pichai on Android’s future and more

Today we’re looking over the more service side of things after yesterday’s big device announcements. This means Google, Google and more Google+. Oh but don’t worry, we’ve still got some device news with the latest pebble offering, the Pebble time steel.


Pebble time steal on kickstarter now

Bradley Horowitz takes over Google+

Cyanogen’s new direction and deal with Qualcomm

Sundar Pichai on Android, Google and more.


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